Chris Dell

Software Engineer - @cjdell


Enthusiastic software engineer with experience with a wide range of technologies. Passionate about open source and giving back to the community. I'm a speaker at technology events, and dedicate much of my free time to broadening my skills.


  • Web Stacks : Node.js, ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails

  • Frontend : React, React Native, Angular, jQuery

  • Databases : PostgreSQL, ServerSQL, MySQL, MongoDB

  • Native apps : JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, Java, Objective-C, Python, C++/C

  • Infrastructure : Linux server administration, BASH scripting, XenServer, Docker

  • Embedded : Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266

  • Qualifications : BSc Software Engineering at University of Central Lancashire, Full UK driving license


2006 - 2013 - Smart IT (
Software Engineer

  • Developed bespoke business software tailored to customer requirements.
  • Heavy use of ASP.NET and C# with SQL server backend.
  • Integration with existing infrastructure was essential and required a broad range of skills for this role.
  • Customisation of Microsoft CRM
  • Worked on development of online takeaway ordering and tracking service, from frontend web to embedded devices installed at the vendors.

2013 - Present - Freelance Software Engineer
Architect of web and mobile apps

  • Produced bespoke web apps and mobile apps for clients.
  • Operate my own hosting platform based on Linux, XenServer and CoreOS/Docker.
  • Provided consulting services for clients offering my skills to teams that required them.

2014 - Present - Sitedesk (
Part time contractor

  • Ported Windows based C++ 3D rendering engine to run on iOS
  • Implemented bespoke Cordova plugins for interfacing web frontend with native APIs
  • Implemented server and client synchronisation API using Node.js and PostgreSQL
  • Implemented bespoke in-memory high performance database and querying engine
  • Worked on WebGL renderer


Regularly volunteer as a mentor in educational events for both kids and adults.

Created Web Blocks as an educational tool:

Maintainer of popular open source project:
React Native FS

Work on electronics projects, robotics, quadcopters, Raspberry Pi's, IoT in my free time.

Keen follower of science, technology and the space programme.



Personal projects:

Built CMS, template and provide hosting for:

Magento eCommerce solution: